Toad for Oracle DBA RAC Edition

Toad for Oracle DBA RAC Edition
T o a d® for Oracle: To a d® for Oracle Find the edition that’s right for you.

No matter what your skill or experience level, there’s an edition of the Toad® for Oracle database management toolset that will help you easily complete your work with increased speed and accuracy. With Toad, you can perform essential database development and administra-tion tasks from a single, intuitive toolset. The Toad solution makes it fast and easy to generate queries and reports, perform SQL development and optimization, detect and diagnose database problems, automate administration tasks and more.

We offer five editions of Toad for Oracle: Base, Professional, Xpert, Developer and DBA. This allows you to get the best tools for your specific business needs.

Toad for Oracle Base Edition — Provides time-saving functionality to help you create and maintain PL/SQL code. It offers many features for both developers and DBAs, including a free-use version of Toad Data Modeler which enables you to create and maintain data models and reverse engineer data structures from over 20 different database platforms.

Toad for Oracle Professional Edition — Includes all the functionality in the Base Edition, plus it helps developers improve code quality with additional components to perform code reviews and analysis and generate test data.

Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition — Includes all the components in Professional, plus SQL Optimizer for Oracle, which detects and analyzes problematic SQL statements and automates tuning for improved application performance.

Toad for Oracle Developer Edition — Provides a complete team development environment with everything in the Xpert Edition, plus automated PL/SQL code testing and database performance testing with workload replay and scalability testing. Complements the Toad DevOps Toolkit solution to help bring Oracle database development/ deployment processes into DevOps.

Toad for Oracle DBA Edition — Offers a comprehensive toolset to simplify complex administration tasks and predict, diagnose and resolve performance issues. Available for Oracle (RAC and Exadata), the DBA Edition includes everything in the Xpert Edition, plus the DB Admin module, Spotlight® for performance diagnostics and Benchmark Factory® for scalability testing.


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