Internet of Things History

Internet of Things History
Internet of Things History

When thinking of the IoT, consider the idea, “Any device can connect to the Internet“.

According to this idea we can assume that the Internet itself is a significant component which was invented in 1969.

While the primary purpose of Internet was to transfer digital information, many other scientists were interested in case to adopt M2M technologies with the Internet.

One of the first examples of an Internet of Things is from the early 1980s. It and was a Coca Cola machine, located at the Carnegie Melon University.

Local programmers would connect by Internet to the refrigerated appliance, and check to see if there was a drink available, and if it was cold.

This first concept gives us an official of IoT concept representation which was submitted as sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects that linked to the network. Today the concept of IoT is related with cloud technologies.

Cloud has played a main role in making modern IoT possible. That is because the cloud provides a low-cost computation infrastructure which allows manipulating and understanding the process in physical hardware. Due to this new concept devices are getting cheaper and more obtainable for all users.
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